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Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband

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What's It Like?

The comfy grip was designed to make wearing a wig during hair loss more secure, confident and comfortable. It adjusts to body movements, distributes the weight of a wig or hat evenly and keeps them from slipping.

Get a grip on your wig with the world's most unique concept therapeutic headband. Provides peace of mind by making your wig more comfortable and preventing it from slipping.

Comfy Grip's unique soft and grippy pebbled texture makes your wig a joy to wear! Filled with a therapeutic gel, the Comfy Grip evenly distributes the weight of your wig keeping it from slipping and prevents pressure spots. Relieves headaches caused from uncomfortable wigs or extended wear. Perfect for sensitive scalps. Dissipates body heat. Does not absorb sweat or body fluids and can easily be wiped clean. Will not leak if punctured. Light weight and durable, Comfy Grip will last for ages. Can be worn on heads with or without hair. The Velcro® adjustment fits 21" to 24" circumference.

Wearing Instructions:

* If your scalp is free of hair, the smooth side is worn next to the scalp. The pebbled side then grips your wig better.

* If you have hair, the massage-like pebble side is worn on your hair. This will keep the band from slipping.

* Simply wrap your Comfy Grip Deluxe around your hair line. Never wear it tight. The wonderful material, skin-like in texture, will stick to your scalp like an adhesive without being sticky.

* Velcro® on the side of your head (not tight).

* Be sure your ears are free from the Comfy Grip Deluxe.

* If needed, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

* Finally wig comfort and peace of mind is delivered to you in one easy to use product!

Imported from the US.

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Doesn't work for me, unfortunately

from London

My hair has not fallen out with the chemo but has thinned considerably, looks miserable, and consequently I've cut it very short and wear a wig. The Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband doesn't grip to hair but just slides backwards in the direction of the hair, either when fitting on the wig or while wearing it - which is disastrous and embarrassing! I can see, when I lay the smooth side onto my forehead and fix the wig there, that it does work on "bald" skin but this doesn't help me, of course. The bumpy side against my hair doesn't work either. I have one of the velvet hairbands, in a light, pale brown colour and this really is comfortable and very secure, so I will stick with that headband. I even walked across the London Jubilee bridge in a wind, the other day, and didn't lose my wig while wearing the velvet hairband. Now that would be something, wouldn't it, if my wig flew off into the Thames! But the headband kept the wig firmly in position. Shame about this gel band but, at the price, I feel it would have to work very efficiently, so have returned it.

Gel wig liner

By Yvonne
from Luton

Delivered a week early super soft n just what i need to protect my edges

Headband question

By Annette Banfield
from Bristol

I wear wigs and also a skull cap underneath. Do you still have to wear the cap along with the headband? In the summer i find the caps unbearably hot and makes my head sweat...this sounds amazing and would love to try it. Any feedback would be great thanks

Comfy grip deluxe headband

By Kath Helkin
from London

Although I have hair thinning I still have a lot of hair, I wear the Raquel Welch winner wig which I love but the draw back of wearing this it seemed to always be riding up at the back and no matter how much my hairdresser cut it I still had bits poking out round my neck (not a nice look) purchased this headband and it is love, feel lots more confident and wig stays a lot more tidier as well thank you simply wigs for excellent customer service you are" simply the best"

Oh get a grip.......😁

By Stormy AKA Linda
from Scotland

I bought this after seeing Michelle from Scotland review it on YouTube. After all, a fellow Scot couldn't get it wrong.....or could she? No, she didn't, it definitely makes the wig feel more secure and because it is a slim gel filled band, you don't have heat build up. In fact, it seems to allow more airflow, which can only be a good thing. I have just bought two monofilament Tatum wigs one in Creamy Toffee and the other in Chocolate frost and I love them, yes they are great wigs, yes I love the Amore range and the way the hair is blended,but above all that double monofiliment patch in the top is so cool, your head doesn't overheat the way other more closed in wigs make it overheat. Plus it makes you look like the hair is growing out of the parting adding that realistic edge we all crave. Now further into this comfy grip deluxe headband. It's so easy to slip on, velcro closed at the back and is two sided, one side has bumps on the other is smooth. If you have no hair on your head put the smooth side of the band onto the smooth skin, if you have hair put the bumpy side to the hair and smooth side out.....real easy. Pop your wig over it ensuring its out of view, tighten the ear flaps down and Eureka you feel a lot more secure. This headband also appears to stop those annoying pressure headaches too. It was a little expensive for my taste, but it works and as I am bald, a wig is an every day item for me. Pros, helps air circulate giving a cooler experience to wearing a wig. Stops pressure headaches. Does give more secure fit, not so much slippage or just takes longer to slip. Easy clean, easy to close, feels like skin. Cons, price was a little hefty, but is a new item. Mine does still move, not as much as before, but it does move allowing the wig too also. So that is my review for the headband, I will always be honest from my perspective and hope it helps you all to get the best from each item bought.

Phenomenal product!

By Michelle Anna Moffatt
from Glasgow

This is one of best products i have used! I wanted to try it to prevent wig slippage...... turns out i never realised the tension on my head wigs caused until this alleviated it! Whether your wig slips, or wigs are too tight..... you will be so glad you buy this.... i can not recommend highly enough x thanks simply wigs!

A great product

By FionaShrek
from Vale of Glamorgan

I am a relatively new wig wearer with a small head so have had a lot of difficulty finding a wig to fit me. Finally discovered the natural image mini petite range which fits really well but ..... As I have female pattern baldness my hair still grows all over (albeit very sparsely) which was causing the wig to slip. Bought the comfy grip headband based on previous reviews and ..... It feels a little bulky so takes a bit of getting used to but works really well in giving added security and is very comfortable once you are used to it. My tip ...... Put the band about half an inch behind the edge of your wig.

Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband

By J Mason
from Co Durham

I purchased this item last year and have been wearing wigs for over 20 years as I have alopecia and lost all of my hair this is actually the best product I have ever bought even in fairly strong winds it keeps my wig very secure

Disappointing product

By Judith
from Gwynedd

For me, the Comfy Grip De-Luxe did not live up to its name. I tried it several times with different wigs, with no improvement in appearance, comfort or fit. In fact all slipped within a short time. I would not feel confident wearing this and felt it wasn't worth the money.

comfy grip deluxe headband.

By Mrs Marilynne Bell
from Sleaford Lincolnshire

My order was sent to me very quickly and was very pleased with my purchase ,Simply Wigs couldn't have been more helpful.

Comfy Grip - De Luxe Headband

By Vanessa Lloyd
from Surrey

I bought this on the recommendation of the one review on this site and all I can say is a huge thank you to that reviewer. I too have alopecia and this headband does what it says and is an absolute Godsend. I just shows how important it is to write reviews!!

Great Product

By Jay Mills
from Derbyshire

I bought a wig recently as I'm suffering from Alopecia and wanted to cover it up. It wasn't a pleasant experience for me and I struggled to get on with the wig I chose as it kept slipping backwards. I'd tried a wig cap and tape in the shop - neither of which suited me and I finished up holding the wig in place by gripping it to the hair I have remaining with numerous grips which were a pain. I came across the Comfy Grip online and thought it might help although I was dubious about spending £20 on something that had mixed reviews. A few I read said that it's too big and as I need a petite size wig I thought that would be an issue. I needn't have worried, it's amazing - it does exactly what it says it does. It secures easily around my head and once the wig is in place there is no fear of it sliding in any direction, it feels so secure. I wish I'd been told about it when I bought my wig as I would have felt so much more confident. It's worth it's weight in gold and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Purchased this product? Write a review.

Questions & Answers

Q. I have recently purchased a comfy grip headband. I was surprised that it was covered in plastic with quite a silky feel as I was expecting a more rubbery/grippy texture. At first I thought the plastic is removable packing but it appears to be part of the headband. Can you confirm if it is and that it will still grip?
A. The plastic covering is part of the headband and should not be removed.

If your scalp is free of hair, the smooth side is worn next to the scalp. The pebbled side then grips your wig better.

If you have hair, the massage-like pebble side is worn on your hair. This will keep the band from slipping.
Q. I have tried this and I think it would work really well for petite average sizes, my head size is very petite and I found it to be too big for me. Will you be able to get very petite to petite size please, is it made in this size only?? Sincerely hoping that it's available for smaller head sizes.. Many thanks for your excellent service and support..
A. The Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband is only available in one size.It does have a Velcro fastener which can be adjusted, as a guide the adjustment fits 21" to 24" head circumference.
Q. Hi
I am in the middle of chemotherapy and lost most of my hair . I have a wig which is made of real hair but it's confidence I need . Would this comfy headband be OK for me ? Does it fit all head size ?
Thank you
A. A comfy grip may help as it was designed to make wearing a wig during hair loss more secure and comfortable. It will fit all head sizes :)
Q. Would this band grip silk scarves?

Thank you
A. It would depend on the material that the scarf is made from and how tight you wore the scarf. I would say that a Silk scarf would not grip to the material.
Q. Can this band be worn with a lace front wig. Many thanks
A. Yes it can be worn with a lace front wig but it will depend on the depth of the lace front wig that you are wearing.
Q. Can I put the band on top of my hair, so as to have some of my fringe on show? Thank you x
A. Yes, that will be possible. But remember it may limit the movement of any hair under the band.
Q. I purchased a wig and find that the 4 small combs that are already attached to the wig dont hold it securely in place. I have a head of fine hair and wonder if the comfy grip headband would be suitable to hold the wig in place.
A. The comfy grip can be used for extra security. I has been designed to make wearing a wig during hair loss more secure, confident and comfortable. It adjusts to body movements, distributes the weight of a wig or hat evenly and keeps them from slipping. It would be a good choice :)
Q. I have ordered an average size wig as you stated to another customer with a petite size head that it can be adjusted up to an inch, will the Comfy Grip Deluxe Headband make the wig fit more snug if it is too big.
A. The addition of a comfy grip is there to support the security of the wig. It may also make it feel more snug as you state.
Q. Hi!
I have alopecia and I find the wearing of the wig quite uncomfortable, an itchy scratchy feeling of the mesh across the top of my head. The wig does have a tendency to slip but my main concern is making the wearing of the wig more comfortable. Do you think this headband would assist in any way?
I have noticed the liners that you sell in the accessories section, do you think these would assist me any more?
Many thanks
A. The headband has been designed to help stop a wig from moving or slip. The liners will help in the assistance of comfort. Another option maybe to look at the Hand tied wigs as these will be the most comfortable and have been designed for clients with total hairloss.
Q. I've recently purchased the rene of paris Codi with a double mono. It keeps slipping back due to my fine slippery hair and probably my small head. Do you think this band would grip to the top of this wig on the inside of the double mono? Also I don't want to add any more bulk as the wig already looks a bit too bulky on top of my head, is this likely? X
A. Yes - that would be a good idea. The band naturally does have a little bit of bulk to it but I do not think it will make a big difference.

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